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Management and Leadership Training
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Leadership Management Training


  • First Line Supervision
  • Becoming a Coach, Mentor & Counselor
  • Effective Supervisory Skills for Advanced Level Managers
  • Managing & Resolving Conflict
  • Management Techniques for Today’s New Professional Manager
  • Working Successfully with Multiple Priorities / Tasks
  • Dealing with Change in Today’s Workplace
  • Negotiation or Persuasion: Learn to Win Professionally
  • Getting Results Without Authority
  • A Manager’s Guide to Human Behavior
  • Management Skills and Techniques for New Supervisors
  • Interviewing & Selecting Skills – What Managers Need to Know to Hire & Supervise
  • Thinking Outside the Box: Creative Decision Making and Problem Solving Methods
  • Understanding Organizational Development & Strategic Planning within Organizations
  • Qualities That Make YOU a Leader & How to Use Them
  • The High Level Manager: Core Competencies for Success
  • Managing the New Generations (Nexters)

Team Building

  • How to Build High Performance Teams
  • Time Management for High Performance Teams
  • TQM Working at Peak Performance Levels
  • Understanding Effective Benchmarking Techniques
  • Positive Team Building & Partnering Skills / Techniques
  • How to Building & Supervise “Self-Managed” Teams
  • READY, AIM, HIRE! Understanding Peak Performance Standards & Developing Teams to Succeed

Train The Trainer

  • Basic Presentation Skills: 101
  • A Training Guide for New Trainers
  • Individualized Programs


  • Learn to Listen / Learn to Communicate Professionally
  • Building Better Work Relationships
  • Communication Skills for Managers
  • Managing Your Greatest Asset: Your Mouth!
  • Effective and Communication Skills for the New Generations at Work
  • Communicating with Gen X &Y (Echo)
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Understanding Emotional Intelligence

Project Management: (Time Management)

  • Improving Your Project Management Skills: The Basics
  • Best Practices for the Multi-Project Manager
  • The Technical Project Manager
  • Setting & Managing Priorities & Projects
  • Understanding Your Time Management Behavior Style

Administrative Professional Series

  • Partnering With Your Boss
  • Management Skills for Administrative Assistants
  • Communication and Negotiation Skills for Professionals (Verbal / Nonverbal)
  • Project Management for Administrative Assistants
  • Getting Things Done When You Aren’t in Charge
  • How to Manage Projects, Deadline
  • How to Manage Projects, Deadlines & Multi-Workloads: The Art of Getting it Done!

Customer Service

  • Do Your Customers Feel Like Family?
  • Understanding Your Customer’s Personality & Reaching Them the First Time
  • How to Create a Customer Franchise Plan for Your Product and Your Company
  • Telephone Techniques That Work
  • Knock Your Socks Off Customer Skills
  • Maintaining Loyalty & Relationships in Customer Service

*Many of our courses have been approved by the Georgia Health /Child Care Department of Human Resources and The Association of IAAP (International Association of Administrative Professionals) – Kansas City, Missouri


Denise C. Webster is a registered Neutral Mediator for the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution representing The Supreme Court of the State of Georgia.  She deals with both personal, industry- related and real estate mediations.

Mediation deals with an expressed struggle between at least two independent parties who perceive incompatible goals, scarce resources and interference from others in achieving their goals.  Causes of such struggles deal with competition for resources, physical survival needs, psychological needs for belonging, power and freedom, difference in perception, differing expectations and differences in values.

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